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The boys loved Christmas!

They were both crazy little monsters tearing open those presents this year! They loved everything about Christmas...Santa, singing, the decorations, their presents!!! EVERYTHING!!! It was a lot of fun to see them play and have a good time. It was also a bit sad and hard at times though thinking that Kael could not be there with us! We did decorate his grave and let him know that we love and miss him and that he would be in our hearts on Christmas day without a doubt. We thank God every day for the two little boys we still have with us and also that Kael is no longer suffering but it can still be hard to accept sometimes. Thank you all for continuing to love and support our family. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year!

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Stefon just turned 2!

What a crazy little monster! Stefon turned 2 on June 16. He is still so little and clumsy! It is funny to see him do things! Stefon is a complete 180 degree spin from Daxton! Don't get me wrong Stefon loves daxton and wants to do everything that Daxton does but that is just part of childhood! Stefon is very vocal, stubborn, and extroverted. He is naughty any chance he gets to be! Although small he bullies other kids from time to time and always has to have it his way. He is also very cute but a real handful! Stefon is momma's boy and dont try to get between him and his mom or he will let you know all about it! Stefon's favorites include cars, diego, the outdoors, the zoo, amusement parks, and the park. he would love to do everything all by himself! Already Mr. Independent! Still you cant help but love him. the things he says and does.